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I'm a sporadic blogger who just posts things she likes. I'm a knitter and crocheter and a cartoon lover. A few of my favorite cartoons are Venture Bros, B:TAS, Daria, ATLA, LOK, and Hey Arnold! I'm a somewhat avid comic book reader reading mostly DC(Batgirl, Batman Beyond, Harley Quinn, Gotham Academy) and Image(Saga, Morning Glories, Alex+Ada, Mind the Gap, The Wicked + The Devine) comics. Hope you like it here.

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garlic8reath said:
yooo, if you'd still like to do my headcanon prompts, what about for either Billy, Pete, or Rusty? take your pick :)


because headcanons are fun to think about: Rusty Venture

how do they celebrate their birthday and/or favorite holiday?
Rusty’s life is just completely miserable honestly and he flip-flops every other year about how he feels about his birthday, about whether it’s a celebration of his life insofar or a grim reminder that he is that much closer to death and not even remotely where he wants to be in life.

One year he’ll be all excited to play birthday boy and he’ll anticpate Hank and Dean making him a quaint little breakfast in bed with their own two hands and presenting him with two quaint little gifts that he knows came from the bottom of their little pie-eyed hearts and he’ll try to throw a great party at the compound and invite all his friends (and coerce them into a round of “for he’s a jolly good fellow” and a toast) or take his family out on the town for a day of shenanigans (ended with coercing a restaurant into a round of “for he’s a jolly good fellow” and a toast and a free a la mode cake).

The next year he’s one of those people that feels that the less people that know it’s his birthday the better and he’ll put up with Hank and Dean making him a shitty breakfast in bed and presenting him with two shitty homemade gifts (on more than one occasion Hank has given him a rubber band ball and Dean has given him a copy of the Venture Home News filled with articles about him being declared Man of the Century). And the second he’s really awake and showered and dressed he’s out the door and gone for the rest of the day and most of the night for “me time” (Hank and Dean have come to accept that he does this from time to time). Rusty will take the floating platform into town, ignore all his calls (knowing that they’re people trying to enthusiastically wish him a happy birthday) and start bar hopping, trying to drink his cynicism away, and as the sun sets he’ll start hitting up the strip clubs and trying to dial up “escort” services for later. Regardless of whether he acquires a hooker or not Rusty will always come home stupid drunk, throw up somewhere in the living quarters of the compound that isn’t the bathroom, and flop into bed with all his clothes on. So even if he gets a prostitute, he’s too drunk for sex and she just sits there for a couple hours trying to figure out how she’s going to get back to town.

their favorite/closest relative, if any
HELPeR. We’re learning more and more that Jonas Venture was generally not a great dad and I don’t think Rusty’s mother was ever in the picture (probably just a floozy his dad knocked up at one of his parties) and Rusty probably considered Team Venture to be a bunch of creepy uncles. Rusty respected his father in the same way strangers respected his father, that he was a bright and heroic man who lived with gusto, but Rusty’s only interested in trying to live up to his father’s image because he thinks it’s expected of him. HELPeR had always been the one constant emotional anchor in Rusty’s life and he more or less considered HELPeR to be his mother and best friend before his bitterness at life began to take over.

a hobby of theirs that they don’t like to admit to
Rusty’s pretty shameless so if there’s something he actually DOESN’T want to brag to people about it’s got to be something pretty exceptionally weird or otherwise taboo. Given his weird relationship with pain Rusty’s probably a fan of autoerotic asphyxiation or likes to read about assorted sexual torture devices and/or collect them.

what they smell like, generally
Most of his clothes are terrible polyester circa 1971 so Rusty mostly smells like musty vintage clothing and Old Spice aftershave. He has a soft spot for the scent of Barbasol, which Jonas always used.

their greatest fear
Rusty pretty much already lives his greatest fear: that he’s not even half as successful or revered in life as his father was and having to continue living with the knowledge that he never will be and that he was never given an opportunity to realize his true potential. I think this is ultimately why Rusty is so bitter at life, he’s trying to jump through all the right hoops in a career and a life that he never wanted but had no choice but to pursue. Like Rusty was originally planning to break away from the super science scene after college but when his father died Venture Industries was thrust into his lap and he was told it was his responsibility to keep it going. He escaped to Spanakos to think about what to do with his life, Giorgos convinced him to return to the compound and uphold the Venture legacy, and he’s been grappling with his identity ever since.

animal you associate them with
A badger or crab. Something that generally symbolizes having a salty personality and an aversion to letting people become close.

their greatest talent
Rusty is not all that great at super science. I mean he’s a science whiz, but only in the sense that your high school “not-super science” teacher is a science whiz. Rusty can understand a textbook or manual and memorize formulas but he’s more about piggybacking off the ideas of others than having an original hypothesis of his own (which are always fundamentally flawed anyway). Rusty’s greatest talent is actually writing/journalism. He’s good at bullshitting and prose and, as closed off and ignorant as he can be (which for the most part is because of his upbringing based on his father’s dated view of the world), he had an interest in studying people. He had an interest in traveling and exploration and native culture and had he got to live the life he wanted to he would have been an anthropologic journalist. Maybe not the best one, but the best one he could be.

their favorite food and/or dessert
Rusty’s favorite cuisine is American (hot dogs, casseroles, pot roast, Etc.) and his favorite food is ham. Those good sugar-glazed, thick-sliced numbers like your grandma makes on Easter. For dessert, Rusty loves a danish or pie.

their ideal vacation
Spanakos is Rusty’s favorite place in the entire world and he knows no one appreciates Spanakos quite like he does. His ideal vacation would be forgetting about super science and just living there for the rest of his life. His family and friends can maybe join him. But only if they can live in, like, a separate village or neighboring island and he can pick and choose when he wants to see them.

feel free to tack on some more prompts to this post; it’s open to anyone, any fandom :)

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when a mutual unfollows you first


so then you unfollow them right back



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